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Letters to the Editor

Posted on 07 December 2011 by Dynamo Staff

DISCLAIMER: The following letters to the Editor are from students and DO NOT reflect the views of  ”The Dynamo” as an organization

Letter from Abby Passaro: December 7,2011

Recently the senior editor, Ashley Beck, published an article titled “All for one, and one for Mount Union Football”. This article is irresponsibly written and completely ignorant.  To begin, the grammar and use of linguistics is all wrong. An article so poorly written should never have been published. Next, you have every right as an individual to speak your mind, but you did so in an offensive way. Not only are you being offensive to the football players, but you are offending all those involved in athletics. Your statistics are completely wrong. To say there is only 25% athletics at this school is a major understatement. The athletic population is well over half the student population. It also exceeds that number when taking in to consideration the equipment managers, film crews, statisticians, student coaches, and especially all the athletic training students.

It may “bother you” that you are not recognized for your grades and your efforts that you put forth. However, it is rare that individuals are often recognized separately. You may feel you have done a part in this world and on this campus, but so has everyone that is a part of this football team and athletic population. They put more effort in to their daily lives then you ever will. They work hard, they practice, and they succeed not only as a football team, but they have academic lives as well. These athletes work hard academically on top of everything that they have to do. They have outstanding grades, because if they do not, they are punished for it. You, however, would not know this because you clearly have no sense of what they accomplish on a daily basis to get as far as they do. To say that they can skip class without punishment is ridiculous. There are always consequences for one’s actions and the athlete’s on this campus know that and they follow the same rules that apply to everyone else. To have you punish them for their efforts is unbearably rude. They bring a sense of family to this school. If you wish to not be a part of their enjoyment, then you have not right as a student to say anything about the team at all.

Also, you continue to call the other students on Mount Union’s campus “ordinary”. If all they are is “ordinary” then they don’t deserve to stand up for anything. Only the extraordinary deserve the best, because it is the extraordinary that make a difference. You, on the other hand, are not proving yourself extraordinary in any way with your comments and I would be insulted to call myself ordinary.

As far as finals go, if the football team makes it to the Stagg Bowl, they were instructed to take their finals before Tuesday December 13th. They have managed to do this in the past with no issues. You, unfortunately, are complaining because you now have one less day of finals. Clearly you, Miss. Beck, need to learn to manage your time better because all of the athletes are managing their time just fine.


Abby Passaro

Football Athletic Training Student

Mount Union Raider Fan!



Letter from Kelsey Ivancic: December 7,2011

I am writing in response to the article the senior editor of the Dynamo wrote about the Mount Union football team.  I found Ms. Beck’s opinion about the Mount Union football team was poorly written, inappropriate, and downright insulting to the family of Purple Raiders. Ms. Beck was correct in the fact that Mount Union is primarily a college that revolves around athletics.  The facts of the matter are that Mount Union starts off every academic year with well over 1,600 student athletes enrolled, and taking into account statisticians, film crew, equipment managers, student coaches, and athletic training students, well over 50% of the campus community are somehow involved in athletics.  With this in mind, there is good reason why Mount Union is all about the sports.  In all honesty, Ms. Beck fails to realize that if it was not for athletics, Mount Union would not be what it is today.  It is because of the sports at Mount Union that people hear our name and want to apply here.  It is because out athletic teams contain plenty of talent and win that alumni and others donate funds to the school that are used to rebuild the MAAC as well as other non-athletic venues such as Cope.  It is also because our sport teams have winning records that lacrosse is being added as a varsity sport next year, contributing to the overall student population and the name of Mount Union Purple Raiders.  I don’t see other departments on campus contributing to the influx of students and the prestige of the name of the University of Mount Union.  It is clear that the University of Mount Union is what it is today because of our wonderfully talented athletes.

Perhaps the most insulting aspect of Ms. Beck’s article is that she believes the athletes are treated superiorly to other students without consequences.  If Ms. Beck were to open her eyes, she would see that the student athletes work harder compared to students who are not involved in athletics.  Here is how a normal day looks for a football player: wake up early to lift and watch film, classes all day, treatments if they are injured, practice for about 3 hours, film sessions after practice, club meetings, and finally around 9 p.m. homework.  This is not just a normal day for a football player, but also for any other student athlete and others involved in athletics.  This is a busy life, one of which most students cannot handle.  As an athletic training student, I have seen firsthand how much effort the athletes put into their sports and into their academics.  I believe I have forgotten to mention that the majority of the student athletes maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher; I would like to see Ms. Beck uphold those academic standards while also balancing sports, leadership roles, and a social life.

Ms. Beck’s biggest complaint is that final have been moved because Stagg Bowl has been moved up a day.  I don’t think Ms. Beck should complain considering she has an entire week to take her finals.  On the other hand, the athletes and athletic training students must works twice as hard to complete all finals within a two day period.  I would like to challenge Ms. Beck to do that and see how she fairs.  It was presumptuous of Ms. Beck to say that moving of exams would not be done for any other sport, but this in entirely false.  The same would have been done for any other team.  In fact, one could say that exams were moved to accommodate what Ms. Beck called “ordinary students” so that they may watch the game.  Ms. Beck needs to look at the real facts and think again before she goes bashing the Purple Raiders because if it wasn’t for the sports, there would be no Mount Union.

Very Respectfully,

Kelsey Ivancic, Athletic Training Student and Proud Purple Raider Fan


4 Comments For This Post

  1. srstilson Says:

    To say that there would be no Mount Union without sports is absolutely ridiculous. You cannot have college football without the college.

    These football players may be here for the football, but they are not receiving a degree in football upon graduation. Most of them, if not all, are not going to make a career out of playing football.

    While I will agree that most people recognize the school name because of its reputation with athletics, that is not how I heard about Mount Union and that is certainly not why I chose to come here. I am one of the not-so-few students who does not participate in a sport on campus. I am here, not for an extracurricular activity, but for academic programs. I am spending most of my time outside of classes preparing for my future career, not the upcoming game.

    I disagree with the statement that student athletes work harder than non-athletes. I am willing to bet that I work just as hard with two majors and multiple impending minors, if not harder than an athlete. When I am not in class, I am taking music lessons, accompanying other students, participating in multiple ensembles, maintaining a job, performing community service and working with professors on psychological research. Those are just the daily requirements. After each day, I still have to do homework, practice for my lessons, study, write research papers and attend meetings for clubs and groups. This is just the life of a Neuroscience/Music double major, but there are other students who have schedules just as hectic as mine, and others have schedules that are even worse.

    Ashley Beck does not deserve the harsh criticism she is receiving. She wrote an OPINIONATED piece located in the section devoted to opinions. She has a lot of courage to write something that a lot of people had been silently thinking, and that is that the University of Mount Union is a university. It is a place for higher education. The point is that academics should never be secondary to athletics. An education should not be compromised for the sake of a game.

  2. McKeith Says:

    @srstilson How is moving the exams one day compromising education? I would really like to know wht getting an extra day of break is such a problem. If a University decided to move exams up a day and football was not a factor, no one would be complaining. Its an extra day of break. Not only that, but it gives students who actually care about and support the football team a chance to go to the biggest game of the year. Moving the exams one day is not comprimising education.

  3. jessocm Says:

    First of all, I do not understand why the attention was brought on the football team. It is not the players, coaches or anyone for that matter involved with the Raider Football team that schedules the NCAA D3 National Championship game, it is ESPN and the NCAA. The football team here at UMU does more than they are recognized for. They bring in more money to this university than any other sport so the “ordinary” students can have an “exceptional” college experience. Maybe Ashley Beck should discuss and publish an article on the positive things that the Football team does rather than the negatives. I personally know from being a student athlete what it takes to balance time, give up holiday breaks (example: a majority of football team couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving) and succeed in and out of the classroom. Also, I do know that a majority of the football teams as well as the rest of the student athletes here at UMU spend an infinite number of hours doing community service such as, swim camps, softball and baseball clinics, and many other activities that do not involve practice or game. To many people this national championship may only be a “game” but to those players and coaches, this is something they have worked for all year and in many cases this is something players dream of accomplishing one day. Therefore, instead of making the National Championship seem like something so terrible because a small minority of students have to take a final on a Sunday night, maybe have a little pride in your school and congratulate a football player for making it this far in their season and representing UMU in a positive way.


  4. zehndecm Says:

    I’d like to speak for the non-athlete, yet supporting the sports program side. I’d like to think that everyone has pride in their school. At least I do. To see this place continue to grow would be great. Why else do we put up billboards around Canton, have visit days, brochures, etc.? To gain numbers. Now, ESPN said that the only way they would broadcast the Stagg Bowl, was if the game was moved back to Friday. ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports. Everyone has heard of them. The amount of publicity this University can obtain from them is second to none. That being said, think of the amount of money and potential students we can get through a simple showing from ESPN on Friday. It would help out the school tremendously. Isn’t that what you would want for your school? To complain about finals being moved back is understandable. Think though, it’s only one block of classes. You should be studying for them early anyways, since you claim to be such a scholar in your article. Therefore, it shouldn’t really bother you that they are moved back a few hours, with Friday off. It was a clear no-brainer for the Univeristy to make, and although you have a right to your opinion, there are reasons for everything. You should see where the University and administration is coming from here, and stand behind them. If not, you have every right and choice to leave. Also, as senior editor, the gramatical errors were disappointing. These are just my opinions, as were yours.

    Caleb Zehnder
    Non-athlete, yet sports supporter

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