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Archive | April, 2012

What Mount Union is saying about Trayvon Martin

Posted on 23 April 2012 by Rosa LaMattina

By: Olivia Holt & Rosa LaMattina 

The University of Mount Union students are speaking out and fighting for justice because of the murder of Trayvon Martin.

The incident that caught the world’s attention happened on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old African American who was walking in a gated community to his father’s girlfriend’s house where he was staying. George Zimmerman is a 28-year-old man who was on community watch at the time of the shooting. The confusing, tragedy happened at approximately 7:12 pm.

Police investigators have listened to 911 calls, testimony and also the personal story of Zimmerman. Unfortunately, Martin’s story cannot be told. Many cases where murder is involved, the stories become clouded and misleading. Investigators are working hard to find justice.

Mount Union’s Contribution

Mount is not alone in the world trying to fight for justice. Protests are happening around the nation, especially in Florida where the incident is hitting home. Mount students are also doing their part to stay involved and fight for what is right.

Students organized a “Hoods Up” day to honor Martin. Martin’s hood was up on the night of the murder which Zimmerman said was, “suspicious behavior.” The students spread the word about the event through social media sites such as, Facebook and Twitter.

Sophomore, Amanda Turner was invited to the event and participated by wearing her hood up throughout the day.

“I think it’s good that the campus can organize an event and band together against what’s wrong,” she said. “I also think it was a good way to let other students know what happened so they can help fight for justice.”

Turner was right about the event spreading the word around campus. Students put their hoods up throughout the day after talking to fellow students and learning about the event.

Sophomore, Laura Coxe is a student that did not know about the event until later in the day.

“I started realizing around lunch time that there were a lot of people with their hoods up,” she said. “After I finally asked someone what was going on I immediately put my hood up and felt proud to be a part of this campus that feels so strongly about certain issues and we’re not afraid to show those feelings.”

On April 11, 2012 a Special Prosecutor filed for second degree murder against George Zimmerman who turned himself in.

The students at Mount were angered and frustrated by the events because justice was not being served until the Special Prosecutor made the report.  Zimmerman is of mixed ethnic backgrounds and Martin was African American. Speculations surfaced about racism being a key factor to the murder but it may never be proven. However, the speculation is raising questions in other cases also.

Zimmerman vs. Watts & England 

On April 06, 2012 in Tulsa, Oklahoma a shooting occurred that left three people dead and two others wounded. All the victims were African American and suspected to be targeted by the shooters. Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 33, went on a shooting spree against the African American community of Tulsa.

USA Today wrote an article about the shootings that occurred in Oklahoma and Florida, connecting them both to racism.

“The charges were announced two days after second-degree murder charges were brought in another racially charged case, the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida,“ the article stated.

“That case sparked nationwide outrage and weeks of protests over the delay in charging neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, who shot the unarmed teenager in a gated community on Feb. 26. Zimmerman has claimed self-defense.”

Sophomore, Taylor Webb heard about the Oklahoma Shootings and connected it to the Trayvon Martin case.

“After I heard about the Oklahoma Shooting the Trayvon Martin murder came into my mind,” she said. “I wondered if it was a reaction and also if racism was the main reasoning and if other shootings are going to occur.”

Arguments are continually rising about how justice is being served in both cases. The Trayvon Martin murder is still an on-going process. Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder but recently released on a 150,000 bond. The Oklahoma shooters, Watts and England are facing possible death penalties and their bond is 9.16 million each.

Sophomore, Jackie Profera, “I don’t understand why there is such a difference in the punishment and the amount of the bonds between each case,” she said. “Murder is murder.”

Although this is only an assumption, a strong argument for racism can be made in each case. Investigators and prosecutors are working diligently to bring justice to each victim. The families and communities that were affected throughout the nation by the murders can breathe easier when justice is served.

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Pranks at Mount

Posted on 23 April 2012 by Georgia McCartney

by Sydney Mihailoff, Brittany Papp and Georgia McCartney

Pranking people is supposed to be a fun and harmless joke and students at Mount Union are no stranger to doing it. Pulling pranks on other students can be funny, but when does it go too far?  Not only do students now enjoy pulling pranks but even students from the 50’s did it.

In 2008 when Kelly Evans, 21, Health major, from Twinsburg, Ohio, was a freshman her floor in King Dorm pulled a prank on her.  They put little Dixie cups full of water all over the floor around her bed so she was unable to get out.  It was pretty harmless but she had 5 a.m. practice the next day.

Kaleigh Stanley, 22, Marketing and Quantitative Analysis major, also from Twinsburg, Ohio, was a part of this prank. “Everyone on our floor woke up just to watch her, it was funny and she was a good sport about it, even at 5 a.m.,”

Another prank was pulled on Evans that was less harmful by the boys that lived in her dorm.  They wrote on the rock “Kool-aid did it,”  Kool-aid was the nickname given to Evans at the time of the incident.

“I walked by the rock the next day and was just so confused and just started busting out laughing” Evans said.

The students from the King dorm are not the only ones who like pulling pranks.  McCready hall residents are known to enjoy a good prank themselves. Faith Hoschar, a house keeper from McCready hall, told a story about students pranking their community educator.  While their community educator was sleeping, they saran wrapped his entire door.

“I have no idea where they found saran wrap that big, but it was one of the funniest pranks I had seen here.  All the boys had their heads poked out of the doorway to watch him wake up and get through it,” said Hoschar.  She went on to tell a story about one of Mount Union’s oldest alumni’s pulling pranks back when he was at Mount during the 50’s.  “His best prank was when he stole an ape and put it in a tux at the podium for graduation,” said Hoschar.

In more recent times, more serious pranks have been pulled.  Tom Gaskins, 21, music education major, from Canton, Ohio reported the story of a streaker.  “The streaker ran outside the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house and towards the campus where they were promptly caught in the parking lot of the new town houses at around 2 a.m.,” said Gaskins.  Gaskins said that the streaker would prefer to remain anonymous.

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Three Women’s Basketball Players Reach 1,000 Career Points

Posted on 23 April 2012 by Kinsey Douglass

Previous Career Scorers thanks to the Women's Basketball website

By: Russell Castellucci, Kinsey Douglass

UMU’s women’s basketball players Rosa LaMattina, Amanda Rose and Kori Wiedt scored over 1,000 career points in the 2012 season. Only 13 players have scored over 1,000 career points in Mount Union history and this is the first time three have reached 1,000 in the same season.

All three girls started playing while young, LaMattina in sixth grade, Rose in third grade and Wiedt in fifth grade, but they all got started in different ways.

“I didn’t want to play initially, my friend wanted to go play and she begged me to play so I played, and I realized I liked it,” said LaMattina.

“My dad actually played basketball here at Mount Union, and my mom played basketball as well when they were younger, so they wanted my sister and me to play and so they signed me up for rec leagues and it just kind of took off from there,” Rose said.

“I think I want to play because my sister started playing, I was really big into soccer, I’d rather go to the gym and kick the basketball around, then my dad yelled at me so I started to shoot it,” said Weidt.

What Makes an Accomplishment like this Possible

An accomplishment like this comes with lots of hard work, dedication, and many hours of practicing, according to the players.

“When we’re in season we practice a good three hours of practice with lifting, and then there’s really no offseason so like preseason we’re in the gym every single day or lifting or we’re working out and then offseason or postseason we’re in the gym lifting,” said LaMattina.

All three felt the team around them was very important and played a big part in helping them reach their personal achievement.

“When you have people that you can count on and you know that they’re going to come through for you, you don’t really need anything else,” said LaMattina.

“Everyone on our team wants us to win as a whole, so we really support each other and work every day to make each other better,” said Rose.

“Our chemistry is amazing on and off the court and that’s what helps to bring us together a lot, and the fact that they know my strengths and weaknesses kind of just made me better. The fact that they know my weaknesses, they kind of help me to bring them up and my strengths, they know I’m a shooter, so they’re going to kick it to me and help me score, or help me do whatever, so they just kind of help in every way,” Wiedt said.

The Significance of this Accomplishment

“It’s a good honor, I didn’t really think I would get it because I didn’t get it during my high school time,” said LaMattina, “but to be acknowledged for it is a good feeling.”

“It was really great, it wasn’t something that I reached in high school, so it was nice knowing that the hard work came out on an individual level, but I was glad I was able to share it with my teammates this year and it was so special because all of them play a part in our team success,” Rose said.

“I mean everyone says it’s such a great thing or whatever, and I think so too, but I never really looked at it during the year, I was looking more at winning,” said Weidt, “not many people get it, so I’m proud of that but I couldn’t have done it without my teammates.”

Plans After Mount

After graduating from University of Mount Union, both LaMattina and Wiedt hope to continue playing basketball. LaMattina hopes to play overseas or in the WNBA.

“I’m kind of looking into combines to play and I have played in a couple showings already, but if not then I’m going to look into criminal justice fields, I major in biology and minor in chemistry so I’m looking at more forensic stuff in the lab,” Wiedt said.

Rose plans on continuing her education at The Ohio State University.

“I’m going to Ohio State, I’m going to their Fisher College of Business to get my masters in labor and human resources, so it’s a two year program and I’ll be a grad assistantship in their office of career management,” she said.

Value of Basketball

Regardless of their future plans in life, all three girls agree basketball taught them valuable life skills.

“I think basketball taught me time management, and the importance of being dedicated and committed to something, knowing that if it’s important to you, it’s not going to come easy so just a lot of lessons necessary of the court that I learned from having to play and put so much time in,” Rose said.

“A lot, that’s what you’re going to take the most from here, the relationships and your work ethic, I know a lot of people here, coaches pushed us more than we ever thought, I know that’s going to be a huge part, and self reliance, actually having to work by yourself or do something by yourself and not depend on somebody else, that’s huge,” according to Wiedt.




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A New Mount Union Tradition: Women’s Lacrosse

Posted on 23 April 2012 by Dana Petro

Listen to an interview with Coach Emily Fisher


A Coach that Cares

Ms. Emily Fisher was recently named the coach to the brand new Women’s lacrosse team at Mount Union. Her own love of the sport was fueled in middle school when she was invited to join the team by a friend.

“I think it’s funny to look back and realize how different things would be if my friend hadn’t have asked me to join,” she said. Her passion for the sport was clear as she described what it is like making history as the first ever woman lacrosse coach on campus. Her coaching style is all about forming relationships and encouraging her players.

An Exciting Season Ahead

There are 17 dates of competition set for the Women’s lacrosse team in the 2012-13 season. The home games will be played at the Mount Union football stadium and Fisher wants to encourage students to come and cheer on the new team.

“We need fans,” she said, laughing. The team will be considered an “independent school” in the Ohio Athletic Conference. Fisher has confidence that the team will enrich the athletic program on campus due to the fantastic upcoming students that will be playing.

Getting Involved

The team is still looking for more women to join. Fisher doesn’t believe in cutting players or in try-outs because her experience with the sport has been so positive. She doesn’t want to leave out anyone who could also benefit from being on the team. Fisher described some of the traits of a Mount Union Women’s lacrosse player as; positive, dedicated and an asset to the team. She encourages any students who feel they fit that description and are willing to play, to contact her. This can be done through email,, or you can stop by her office in the MAAC second floor offices.

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All American Girl

Posted on 23 April 2012 by Jordan Beard

Michelle in her room with her favorite DST pillow

People on The University of Mount Union’s campus know Michelle Porter as the blonde who runs around campus a couple times a day. Yes, that is true. However; there is more to Michelle that students do not know. She is an all American girl.

“When I think of Michelle, I think of a bright and bubbly girl who can always make you smile,” said sophomore communications major, Brittney Urdzik.

Michelle, a junior at The University of Mount Union, is involved with many organizations on campus. These organizations include Delta Sigma Tau, Up ‘til Dawn, preview and orientation, cheerleading and cross country.


While being involved with many organizations, Michelle’s number one important priority is family. Her hometown is only 45 minutes away in Cuyahoga Falls. With being so close to home, Michelle can visit her mother, Diane Porter, on the weekends or can run home if she would need anything.

Michelle also has a twin sister, Danielle Porter, who also attends Mount Union and they have been roommates every year.

“I think it is wonderful that my daughters both attend the same university because nothing can separate a sisterly bond,” said mother Diane.

“My family is small but my heart is always at home,” said Porter.

Michelle and her twin Danielle



Michelle studying for class


School is also important to Michelle. With her major being biology with a minor in chemistry, Michelle is always studying in Bracy Science Hall. This is her favorite place to study because it allows her to get the full science effect.

“If I am going to study for an anatomy test, the first person I will call is Michelle because most likely she will already be there,” said junior Kayla Santana.

Delta Sigma Tau 

When Michelle is not studying for a class, she is being involved with organizations on campus. She became a sister of Delta Sigma Tau during spring semester her freshman year. Now she has the position of risk management, which she educates other sisters the importance not to drink and drive. Sorority has impacted her life because it has allowed her to meet so many women and form bonds with them that she could have never imagined.

“I never knew sorority was for me until I got my little, then I loved it even more,” said Porter.

Michelle is a sister of Delta Sigma Tau

Up ’til Dawn    

Michelle is also involved with Up ‘til Dawn where she educates students on Mount Union’s campus about St. Jude’s, childhood cancer and how students can help raise money for this charity. By being a member of this organization, Michelle attends meetings and events for students to become involved in.

Preview and Orientation

Preview and orientation has allowed Michelle to guide and inform incoming freshmen about all the great possibilities at Mount Union. Michelle works with other staff members throughout the summer to plan activities and ways to improve the incoming freshmen education about organizations on campus.


Michelle loves to run in her spare time

While being involved with these organizations, Michelle also has time to be a cheerleader and run cross country. She was a cheerleader her freshman and sophomore year, but took a year off to run cross country her junior year. However, she missed cheerleading so she is trying out for her senior year.

In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her friends, workout and sing with her idol being Carrie Underwood. She is also a lifeguard during the summer months and loves to attend country concerts at Blossom Music Center in her hometown.

Michelle is considered an all American girl because not everyone can do the things she does.

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Students battle end of semester stress

Posted on 23 April 2012 by Bailey Miller

KHIC’s upper levels are great places to relax and study, or to retreat for some peace and quiet.

As the final days of the spring semester grow near, it seems that the workload professors place on students increases immensely.  This causes college students to feel the more stressed than ever, at a time when schoolwork is the last thing they want to be doing.

When asked what is the primary source of stress for students at this time of the year, most agree that the increase pressure of final projects, papers and exams are a major cause of increased stress.

“My workload right now is really heavy,” said Julianne Kachovec, a sophomore early childhood education major.  “It seems as if around this time of the year I always have something due and a project or paper in every class.  I also am making plans for summer during this time, so it is a lot to think about and handle all at once.”

“Final exams are what stress me out the most at the end of the semester,” added sophomore Shannon Honeycutt.  “I’m taking mostly science courses this semester, so it is often hard to separate everything I am studying for at once and keep it organized.”


Scheduling and Room Lottery Cause Stress:

The quad is a great place to hang out with friends, study and catch some sun.

For other students, other sources of end of the semester stress include factors such as the new room lottery system for campus housing, as well as scheduling classes for next year.

“For me it is not necessarily all the work I have to do right now, but rather scheduling my classes for next semester so I am on track to graduate,” said junior Chris Cugini.  “The switch from the four credit system and figuring out what classes to take and what I can get into is a major source of stress for me this year.”

“Figuring out the new housing lottery system to choose housing for next year is something that caused me stress,” said senior Ashleigh Johnson.  Johnson will be a fifth year senior next semester finishing her early childhood education degree, and therefore had to participate in the housing lottery using the new online system Mount Union implemented this semester.

“Once I got my group together and got the hang of the system everything went smoothly.  It was the anticipation of not knowing if I would be able to receive my top choice of where I wanted to live is what stressed me out prior to going through the process.”

Upperclassmen are not the only individuals feeling the pressure at the end of the semester, as freshman have expressed their feelings of stress as well.

“I’m basically just tired and losing motivation as this semester ends,” said freshman Lauren Podojil.  “Even though I have so much work to do, all I can really think about is summer and relaxing.”


Student’s De-Stressing Techniques

The B&B Café is great for grabbing a snack and hanging out with friends.

When the stress becomes too much for students, they often find an outlet to take their mind off of school and responsibilities, and relieve some of their tension.

“I like to go for a walk, or watch a movie.  These usually take my mind off of life in general,” said Cugini.

“Watching television or a movie is how I relieve stress.  I also like to call a family member to talk and take my mind off of school sometimes,” added Kachovec.


Stress-Free Locations at Mount Union:

Many students take refuge during stressful times in various locations around campus that are quiet, calm, and serene.  These locations around campus are great places to relax and de-stress, as well as study for exams and homework.

Cugini lists the third floor of KHIC as his favorite place to relax and study.

“It’s generally pretty quiet and vacant, and I can really focus on my work there,” said Cugini.

Kachovec mentioned her dorm room as a place she retreats to for de-stressing, as well as various locations in the library.

Honeycutt mentions her favorite place to go on campus for studying and relaxing is the lobby of McMaster Hall.

“I love how open and airy the space is, and how quiet it generally is.  The windows on both sides of the room make me feel like I am outside, and let in sunlight,” said Honeycutt.


Other locations on campus students can retreat to for coping with the stress of the end of the semester include the chapel, the quad, the Shakespeare Garden and B&B Café.


To comment on this story, and to share your end of the semester stress experiences and favorite “stress-free” locations on campus, visit

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Hey Mount Union, what are you listening to?

Posted on 23 April 2012 by Beth Karapandzich

Asking students at the University of Mount Union what they’re listening to.

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Greek life at Mount: defying stereotypes

Posted on 14 April 2012 by Bailey Miller

It is almost impossible to be on Mount Union’s campus and not see someone wearing Greek letters.

Non-Greeks on campus sometimes jump to false conclusions about students wearing letters, based on stereotypes that have formed in the media. Greek life on college campuses throughout the United States often receives scrutiny from people because Greek organizations are often represented and portrayed negatively in the media.  ABC Family’s “Greek”, films such as Animal House and scandalous books such as “Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities” by Alexandra Robbins all promote the negative, and essentially false, stereotypes of Greek life to the public.

Views of Greek life include nonstop partying, a disregard to education and hazing of members.  According to members involved in Greek life at Mount Union, these allegations simply are not true.

“Stereotypes are from those who do not know exactly how Greek life works. People believe what they want to believe,” said Jordan Beard, a sophomore sister of Delta Sigma Tau sorority.  “The Greek system at every university is always going to be different with how they operate with recruitment and such, but here at Mount Union the sororities and fraternities represent what Greeks are truly about.”

“My personal experience with the sorority women on campus is that they are all smart, beautiful ladies inside and out,” said Dana Petro, a junior sister of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. “They are the true leaders on campus and without them I don’t think Mount Union would be what it is today.”

According to the fraternity and sorority section of the Mount Union homepage, the eight Greek organizations on campus strive to offer the “Greek experience.”  This includes leadership training, monetary scholarships, academic assistance, civic engagement, tradition, a team-building opportunity, networking capabilities and more for members involved in these organizations.

“From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it. I feel like until you’ve experienced being a part of the Greek system, you can’t understand its meaning and why others join it,” said Shannon Honeycutt, a sophomore sister of Alpha Xi Delta sorority.

Striving for academic excellence is another aspect of Greek life the media fails to portray, and one that is held in high regard in the Greek organizations at Mount Union.  The Greek organizations at Mount Union have certain GPA requirements that must be met and maintained in order to participate as a member in the chapters.

Giving back to the community and philanthropy are also priorities of Greek organizations that are often overlooked by the media’s stereotypes.  According to the Mount Union homepage, in 2010 the fraternity and sorority community of Mount Union donated $29,627 to a number of philanthropic causes and 14,163 of hands-on community service hours to Mount Union and the greater Alliance community.

Greek life is represented in such outstanding and non-stereotypical ways at Mount Union and that is perhaps why so many individuals who come to campus often change their opinions and views on joining Greek life.

“My family was really surprised when I joined sorority, because before I came to Mount Union I always said I wouldn’t ‘go Greek.’  They were also surprised because I never told them about it until the day I got my bid. However, they see how much I love being a part of Greek life and support me every step of the way,” said Beard.

The fact that Greek life is a way to establish connections to fellow students and alumni, as well as make life long friendships, are also additional reasons why so many students choose to become a part of Greek life.  When choosing a fraternity or sorority, students look for a comfortable “fit,” or a place where they share values and interests with other members. The chapter serves as a place where friends become family and the friendships made in this “home away from home” last a lifetime.

“Being a part of Greek Life makes me feel an even closer sense of community at college than just [simply] being a student does. Being a part of Alpha Xi Delta has made me feel like I have a home away from home,” said Honeycutt.

“Being in my sorority is something that I have grown into. At first I honestly wasn’t sure what it was all about, but I knew I wanted the bond that I saw in the girls I knew were in sorority.  Since then, Greek life has shown me how wonderful and beautiful differences in people can be,” said Petro.

Likewise, other members involved in Greek life at Mount Union share similar views regarding their experience with joining a Greek organization.

“Being a part of Greek life has changed my life. I wouldn’t be a part of so many organizations if it wasn’t for Delta Sigma Tau,” said Beard. “DST has shown me how to be a better person by participating in more events and having leadership positions. I never regret becoming part of a sorority because I love it.”

More information about Greek life can be found on the Mount Union homepage, or by contacting the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership at (330) 823-7288 or emailing

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Sorority women are the solution

Posted on 14 April 2012 by Jordan Beard

Sorority women celebrated Women’s History Month by kicking off the week with an International Badge Day dinner.

Sisters at The University of Mount Union came together on Monday, March 19 to celebrate Women’s History Month with guest speaker Ginny Carroll. The Panhellenic Council welcomed Carroll, CEO of the Circle of the Sisterhood Foundation, which is Mount Union Panhellenic’s chosen philanthropy.

Carroll, alumnae of Alpha Xi Delta, founded the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. She said that this foundation is a way for all sorority women to stand together across affiliation to make a difference in the lives of millions of girls and women in poorer countries who don’t have the same access to education. Some women in these countries are suffering from poverty, oppression and brutality.

“Circle of Sisterhood makes us open our eyes and realize how much stuff we take for granted,” said sophomore Chelsi Stamer. “All those children want is a new uniform to wear to school and we complain about what we already have.”

Carroll realized as a college-educated woman that she had a responsibility to help girls and women around the world get an education, but she knew she could not do it alone. She recruited sorority women because they are fortunate to have a college education that will help other women out of poverty.

“Sorority women are the oldest, largest and most powerful [group of] females in America,” said Carroll.

Circle of Sisterhood gathered more than 75 communities on college campuses across the United States and raised more than $75,000 in one year alone. This foundation is a way for sorority women to make a difference and transform future generations.

“This was the first time that I have ever heard of Circle of Sisterhood, and I am very thankful that Ginny Carroll came and informed our sororities here at Mount Union of a great cause and how we can make a difference,” said freshman Leah Giallourakis.

International Badge Day was established in 1997 by the National Panhellenic Conference to set aside a day for women across the nation to wear their sorority badges/pins or Greek letters in a celebration of sisterhood across the United States. The annual dinner in honor of Women’s History Month and sorority life at Mount Union hosts all four sorority chapters, their faculty and campus advisors, aswell as other alumna members of sororities who are faculty, staff and administrators.

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Student Senate meeting

Posted on 14 April 2012 by Georgia McCartney

The Student Senate meeting that took place on March 20 included discussion of the new TOMS club, the March faculty meeting and the music department show to be held on April Fool’s day.

TOMS club is an organization that for every pair shoes they sell, they give away a pair of shoes to a child in need.  At the meeting, the senate voted whether or not they would recognize the TOMS club as an organization in future student senate meetings.  The vote passed.

Junior Megan Smith, a communication major, also reported the details of the last faculty meeting to the senate.  Smith explained that they discussed the new fine arts and performance building and the new health and science building.

“President Giese said the instutution is still trying to gather funds, and the goal is to gather enough by fall 2014,” said Smith.

An April Fool’s day concert will be performed by the department of music in Presser Recital Hall on April 1 at 3 p.m.  The show will be constructed of parodies and funny songs.

“It will be fun because it is a different type of performance and it gives the music department a chance to perform a more playful kind of show,” said junior Jacqueline Mathias, treasurer of Mu Phi Epsilon, which is a music honorary on campus.

The meeting was very effective and all those in attendance walked away feeling informed and up-to-date about the events at Mount Union.

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