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Archive | February, 2012

The 84th Academy Awards: A night with the stars

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Christopher Cugini

Not since 1929 has a silent film won top prizes at the Academy Awards. “The Artist” took him five awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor.

“Since the very first Oscars ceremony in 1929, the movies have changed but there is one constant that is true for all generations. Whether we are seeing the film that is love action  or animated, black and white or in color, with sound or silent. All of us are mesmerized by the magic of the movies,” says Oscar winning actor, Morgan Freeman, who opened the show.

Billy Crystal Returns

The show has suffered in ratings and the hosts have been dull. After an eight year hiatus as host, Billy Crystal returned for the ninth time to the “Chapter 11 Theater” for the awards show. The legendary actor renamed the Kodak Theater after the company filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. There had been a push to get Billy Crystal back after last year’s hosting duo of Anne Hathaway and James Franco flopped.

According to a USA Today poll, 32% of the viewing audience believed Crystal, “. . .made me laugh!” Although a small 10% gave Billy a big thumbs down, the barbs are flying from many critics. Robert Bianco of USA Today said of Crystals performance, “You can seldom go wrong by bringing back the best. Even if he wasn’t exactly at his best.”

The Predictions Come True

In the supporting acting categories, all went as previously predicted for Octavia Spencer of “The Help” and Christopher Plummer of “Beginners”. Octavia drew the largest standing ovation of the evening as she chocked backed tears. “I have to thank my families. My family in Alabama, the state of Alabama, my L.A. family and my “Help” family,” said the actress. The 82 year old Plummer took home his first acting prize from the Academy becoming the oldest person to do so. The actor told his statuette that, “Your only two years older than me darling. Where have you been all my life?”

Streep the Victorious

Since winning the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actress, Viola Davis of “The Help” had the support behind her. However, it was Meryl Streep from “The Iron Lady” who took home the prize after a 30 year dry spell of no wins. Streep is the most nominated actress of all time with a whopping 17 nominations. With her win playing British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, this gives Streep three Oscars.

“When they called my name, I had this feeling I could hear half of America going, ‘Oh no, oh come on, why her? Again.’ But whatever, ” she told the audience. Streep thanked her makeup artist of 37 years, who also won an Oscar on Sunday, for his friendship. “I want to thank, because I really understand I’ll never be up here again, I really want to thank all my colleagues, all my friends,” said Streep.

Silence is Golden

For the first time in many years, no blockbuster film was nominated for  best picture. The race was between the silent film “The Artist”, the race fueled drama “The Help” and the child friendly story of “Hugo”. In the end, “The Artist” took home the top prize as the Best Picture of 2011.The story follows a once highly respected silent film actor  George Valentin who is struggling to stay relevant as the “Talkies” make their debut. Jean Dujardin, who played Valentin, was awarded the best actor prize for his performance. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has not had a silent film nominated since 1927′s “Wings” which is also the first best picture in 1929. The last black and white film to win best picture was “Schindler’s List” in 1994.The film’s director, Michel Hazanavicius, took home the top directing prize as well. He told the audience, “I am the happiest director in the world right now, thank you for that.”

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Spread the love

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Ashley Beck

During the month of March, a student is “Spreading the Love” at Mount Union.

The idea for a peanut butter and jelly drive came to senior Communication Major Sam Lashley when she heard about the shortage of healthy proteins that is facing many food pantries, including the one in Alliance.  Lashley decided to tackle the problem and use it as her Senior Culminating Experience (SCE).

The Alliance Food Pantry specifically asked for peanut butter as their choice protein because of its extensive shelf life and because a recent rise in price has made it difficult for them to afford.

Other than being a good source of protein, peanut butter has many other benefits such as fiber, antioxidants, potassium, vitamins and is also known for keeping people full.

Lashley’s goal was to provide the food pantry with the amount of peanut butter they needed, but she had to figure out the best way to collect as much peanut butter as possible.  “I love volunteering and I wanted my SCE to be a project that I could be proud of.  If I can collect 500 jars of peanut butter and 500 jars of jelly, I would be thrilled and I would feel that I accomplished my goal,” said Lashley.  She decided to hold a food drive but instead of requiring people to bring the classic canned goods, she decided to ask for peanut butter and jelly.

“I figured that nothing went better with peanut butter than jelly.  No one can turn down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” Lashley concluded.  The peanut butter and jelly drive will begin on March 1 and will end on March 31.  Donation boxes will be placed in HPCC, KHIC, T & H, Chapman and the Dewald Chapel for those who would like to help the cause.

For more information contact Sam Lashley at

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Morning show leaves local radio station

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Bailey Miller

The popular “DeLuca in the Morning” show of Alliance, with Q92 FM, is now off the air after the show’s talent and station failed to come to terms with a new contract.

The station announced on Feb. 6 that the “DeLuca in the Morning” show had turned down the station’s offer to retain their services. The show’s final broadcast was Feb 1.

The “DeLuca in the Morning” show consisted of hosts Patrick DeLuca and Charlotte DiFranco and was broadcast from 5 to 10 a.m. on WDJQ Q92 FM, the last locally owned and operated AM/FM station combo in the Canton, Ohio radio market.  DeLuca started at the station 10 years ago as a board operator for high school sports before becoming an overnight and evening disc jockey.

Co-host DiFranco started at the station in 2004 as a promotion director.  The duo started broadcasting during the morning drive time slot in 2006.

Q92 station management had worked since November with the talent and their legal counsel to reach an agreement to keep them at the station.  The offer the station made to DeLuca and DiFranco was essentially the same contract they have agreed to for the past six years.  However, DeLuca and DiFranco presented many new demands which could not be met by the station.

According to a recent press release from Q92, the issues between DeLuca, DiFranco and the station had nothing to do with money or their salaries.  The press release also states that it was ultimately their decision to leave the station.

“We at Q92 are deeply disappointed that we were unable to come to terms with the ‘DeLuca in the Morning Show’ team,” said Don Peterson III, vice president and general manager of the station.  “The mission and vision of the station is to put the best available talent on the air to entertain and interact with our audience and play great music.”

Previous listeners of the morning show include many students from Mount Union.

“I’ve listened to Q92 and the “DeLuca in the Morning” show for many years, and I am very sad to hear that they won’t be on the air anymore,” said senior early childhood education major Ashleigh Johnson.  “I wish DeLuca and Charlotte the best of luck, and I’m sure the station will find another great morning show to entertain and inform their listeners.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the ‘DeLuca in the Morning’ show will be missed.  The talents behind the show are all great people, and I have learned so much from not only them but everyone at Q92,” said Mount Union senior and former Q92 intern, Samantha Lashley.

The departure of the “DeLuca in the Morning Show” was a shock to Lashley, who also shared her support behind the future of the morning show team.

“Although their leaving is a bit of a shock, I believe that they have the ability and ratings to go to any radio station and be back on the air doing what they love in no time.  I wish them the best of luck wherever they may end up,” said Lashley.

As a result of their departure from the station, the “DeLuca in the Morning” show team released a statement from their official Facebook page “The DeLuca Show,” thanking listeners as well as the station.

“We want to thank the wonderful people we worked with at Q92, our sponsors and our supporters. But most of all, we want to thank our thousands of loyal listeners and fans, the people who made the “DeLuca in the Morning Show” number one. We have every confidence that we will be on the air again soon.”

The future of the morning time slot that the “DeLuca in the Morning Show” occupied remains unknown, as Q92 has not yet found a replacement for the show.  However, Peterson shared the general outlook and goals he has for the future of the station. “Q92 will continue to do what we do best.  Play great music, engage our audience, and introduce talent that grabs their attention.  That is the hallmark of this station.”

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M-Club “M-presses” by helping Mount athletics

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Rosa LaMattina

Chairs in the gym, windows on the baseball press boxes and trips to Florida sum up a small amount of what the M Club does for athletic programs here at Mount Union.

The M Club, led by Anne Graffice, the director of the alumni office, stands as just one of the three alumni organizations here at Mount along with the Alumni Council and the Mount Union Women.

“We started this five or six years ago with zero money and now we have six figures. It’s from the same people that support us and I am so grateful,” Graffice said.

During the Feb. 16 meeting, members discussed winter break dinners for athletic groups that reside on campus during that time. They also went over the ESPY awards and formal, set up the reverse raffle and accepted a plea for $1,000 donation from the baseball coach for sliding press box windows and a plaque for the softball coaches 600th win.

Leonard Reich, Sports Information Director, filled the M Club members in on every sport going on at this time, what they have achieved and what is yet to come. The head women’s volleyball coach, Leigh Ann Swartz, suggested that the M Club speak at the ESPY awards this year to spread awareness.

“We support a lot of current athletes and commemorate their achievements. The reason that we don’t have a lot of younger people getting involved is that they just aren’t aware of who we are,” Swartz said.

Any student-athlete lettering in a varsity sport at Mount Union becomes eligible to be a member of the M Club upon graduation. Members sign up for a certain donation level that suits them. Three levels set apart the groups that members can join: white, grey and purple raider, based up the comfort zone when it comes to money. All further information regarding gifts and membership options can be found under the “Alumni and Friends” tab on the University’s website.

Matt Johnson, vice president of the organization, is trying to spread the word about the M Club. “We don’t get many student athletes in here, so if you could do us any favor, it would be to explain that the whole goal of this club. Our goal is to try and make sure that [athletes] have bags, clothes, equipment, etc. Anything that can further advance a team.”

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From print to screen

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Dana Petro

The upcoming release of “The Hunger Games” movie has people wondering if books turned into movies are worth the hype.

Popularity of books-turned-movies has exploded over the last ten years. The angle isn’t new, but it seems that every book that reaches some sort of fame can and probably will be made for the big screen. They are anticipated and have an already built-in fan base. It seems natural that Hollywood producers would see the possibility for a huge profit.

Taking a look at some of the recent popularity of many book-into-films, it’s difficult to disagree with the decision to capture the text on screen.

“Twilight” was one of the last five years’ greatest movie franchisees. Just in its opening weekend, the first movie scored $70.5 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. It also has one of the largest fan-bases, ranging from pre-teens to middle age women. According to a non-scientific personal poll, moviegoers skip the book and “wait til it hits the theaters” to take in the story.

“Movie adaptations are a good thing because they get people to experience a work of art in the only form they’re likely to pay attention to, but I still think you get a lot more out of books,” said Kelly Arko, junior English major. She feels that books give the opportunity to offer more information so the story being told is more complete.

Most people polled felt that the book is always better, because movies tend to skip the details and head right for the action. “Harry Potter” fans reeled over many of the important plot details left out of the series of movies.

Movies as visual companions to books may be just one of the reasons that the Oscars this year are buzzing with adaptations. says that there are 20 films nominated that have their origin in text.

Their popularity begins to grow, but it appears that the dissatisfaction with books-into-film also grows with each movie that is released. “The Hunger Games” may bring more disappointment to fans of the book looking for a visual companion to the series.

Even so, books turned into movies will continue to be made as long as they remain great profit for production companies and topics of conversations for book-lovers and movie-lovers alike.

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Life after Mount

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Donnell Carter

Mount Union alumna tries to answer the question on every student’s mind: “What am I going to do after college?”

Mount Union alumna Ashley Ross spoke about her experience here at Mount Union. “I enjoyed my time here at Mount Union as a student. I was a student-athlete so that made my time go quickly, but I was able to make a number of life-long friends during my time here,” said Ross.

Just like any other student, she had both good and bad experiences. Her best experience here was her student-athlete career. “My best experience would have to be my involvement on the women’s basketball team. My worst experience would have to be my freshman year. It took me awhile to get adjusted to being in college, then when I finally felt settled in, I had a serious injury that ended my season early,” Ross said.

As for expectations after graduation, Ross didn’t have a clue then what might have come her way. “I was not sure what to expect once I graduated from Mount. I can say my expectations were surpassed once I was on the outside looking in. I knew Mount Union was an academically strong school, but I did not realize the respect and positive clout that Mount Union carried for schools and businesses on both a local and national level.”

Ross also has advice for future alumni of Mount Union: “Understand that Mount Union has prepared you for whatever endeavors you choose to pursue for both graduate school and your career,” said Ross. “I sincerely believe that Mount Union was the right choice for me. I do not regret attending this institution.”

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Favorite AVI cuisine

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Reita Silvis

Many students understandably complain about the food in the cafeteria because it is not of the quality they are used to at home.

However, when it is an easy source of meals and is conveniently placed in a spot on campus that gets regular traffic every day, you would think they would be a tad more grateful. Despite all of the negative opinions people seem to have, students still appreciate and recognize the upside to eating in the cafeteria, and the majority of them even have a favorite dish.

For instance, Jennifer Reed, a sophomore physics major, says her favorite meal from the cafeteria is the macaroni and cheese. “The mac and cheese they make is always great because it is super creamy and doesn’t have an overload of cheese.” Every time the cafeteria serves macaroni and cheese, there is always a long line to get to it and many students find it worth the wait for Reed’s reasons and more.

Some students mentioned the Texas salad, sandwich wraps (most hyped over on Wednesdays) and mashed potatoes on their lists of favorite AVI foods. Others, like sophomore biology major Olivia Quinn, favor the pork schnitzel because “it’s always good.”

Marty Chaffin, a sophomore sports business major, states that the chicken cheese quesadillas are the best meal the cafeteria has to offer because “they are so simple yet so delicious, and they are one of the only tasty things there.” Because AVI makes them fresh, students go crazy for them.

Ashley Woodburn, a sophomore biology major, agrees with Chaffin, claiming that every time they make the quesadillas she can “eat eight plates of them.” On the other hand, she cannot forget that her most favorite meal from the cafeteria is the Swedish meatballs.

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Advice a ‘la Audrey

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Audrey Lab

Dear Audrey,
Spring weather is so confusing! In the morning I’m bundled up tight in my winter coat but by noon the temperature is sometimes near 50 degrees! Should I break out the flip-flops and shorts, or am I in for 6 more weeks of UGGS and jeans? This Ohio weather is crazy! HELP!
Sincerely, Bundled-up-with-flip-flops

Dear Bundled,
I feel your pain. I hate closed shoes and I would wear flip-flops all year if I could. In my opinion, 40 degrees and up is safe for flip-flops (unless you’re sensitive to chilly weather… in that case, wait for 50 degrees). Shorts are not “okay” yet. Unless you are walking to/from the MACC, stick with jeans or sweat pants. Capris are acceptable on warmer days.
Don’t send home your winter coats or snow boots quite yet. The groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter and I doubt the snow is done for the year. Check the weather before you go out, keep a hoodie close by and count down the days to summer!
Sincerely, Audrey

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Ways to spend Spring Break

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Georgia McCartney

With the differing amount of free time one has during break, students seek different activities to accommodate a variety of schedules.

Eight hours from Alliance lies Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  It is a scenic getaway for those who are looking for an adventure.  “Gatlinburg has a huge selection of activities that can suit anyone,” said Julie Pittinger, a physics and art major.  When visiting Gatlinburg, Pittinger said she enjoyed hiking, exploring museums and eating out at cafes.  Her favorite experience was riding a lift up to the top of a mountain and playing mini golf there.

For a closer to home alternative, Taylor Carkido, an English major, has a solution. Carkido suggests a day of shopping in Cleveland.

“My favorite stores are H&M and American Eagle,” said Carkido. Afterward, Carkido likes to wrap things up by going to a nice Italian restaurant and visiting the Cheesecake Factory for dessert.

As for the busy college student who may only have a few hours free, there are still options. Chad Rhoades, a history major, advises spending some quality time with family.  His favorite family activity is having a cook out with his younger brother.

“Family time is a more valuable commodity than any other time,” said Rhoades.

Spring break at Mount Union this year runs from Mar. 3 to Mar. 12.

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What do you do for your roommate?

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Brittany Papp

Living in peace with a roommate is almost an everyday challenge for campus-dwelling Mount Union students.

“We’re not bad,” said Keilah Capriola, age 19 of Akron, Ohio and majoring in criminal justice. “We have our days just like any other pair.” She also said, “I sweep the floor—a lot—because I’m a neat freak. I don’t like stuff all over the floor. I also wake my roommate up for class sometimes.”

Living with a roommate can be a challenge for students who lived in the atmosphere of a large family and those who have not. There’s no guarantee it works out when students choose their own friends or acquaintances as roommates either.

According to, common problems amongst roommates include: taking or using their roommate’s belongings without permission, being messy, having bad personal hygiene and not wanting to compromise.

“My roommate and I actually get along really well,” Leigh Siedlak, age 18 of Westerville, Ohio said. “She’s one of my best friends. Every week we clean up the room together, because we both cannot stand mess. I also try to be really quiet when I get up for my 6a.m. softball practices, but it’s hard because she’s a super light sleeper.”

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